Sulphur Treatment

Living in Rotorua, we understand the importance of sulphur treatment.

While some areas in Rotorua require a more severe Sulphur Treatment (the ones classed as higher geothermal activity areas) we recommend Sulphur treatment no matter what area you’re in; after all, Rotorua is Rotorua and Sulphur is a part of our city, whether we like it or not.

Philip realised one day that this was a huge problem in Rotorua and wanted to find something that would help eliminate the issues of Sulphur damage. He decided to run his own test’s and arranged to put 2 copper tubes/pipes, in one of our highest geothermal areas, Whakarewarewa. Coating one of the pipes with his new found Sulphur treatment and the other with a standard silicon treatment (typically used by other companies) He then left them there for a few months, and when he returned, he scraped back the coatings to reveal the copper. Philips treatment revealed a shiny, lovely bronze copper pipe, showing no signs that the sulphur had been able to get through to the pipe. The other showed signs of deterioration and a tarnished look to it. 

To this day our process remains a secret as to what we do to the coil, pipes and components of our heat pumps, & refrigeration units and we believe our treatment is second to none and a cost effective way to protect from Sulphur dioxide corrosion. At the end of the day, if it assists in maintaining your units and manufactures warranty, and helps reduce issues like gas leaks, it doesn’t matter what we do, it matters that it works! 

Heat Pumps, Commercial & Industrial refrigeration units and coffee machine components can be protected by our Sulphur treatment. This process can take up to 2-3 days to complete.

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