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Whether you need an electrician, heating specialist or refrigeration engineer, the team at Philip Smith Electrical have got you covered.

Specialising in all aspects of the heating, electrical and refrigeration industry, you can count on a solution that meets your needs.

There are no 3rd party contractors when you deal with us - we'll take care of the entire project, from start to finish.

And if by any chance we can't do the job, we will help you find someone who can!

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Refrigeration systems

Do you need the services of a Philip Smith electrician/engineer in Rotorua? See what other services they can provide for you!

Whether you are the owner of a residential, commercial or farm property, it’s a given that at some point in your life you will require the services of an experienced refrigeration engineer or electrician in Rotorua. Whether it be for electrical wiring or rewiring services, new electrical installations or repair work for existing electrical or refrigeration appliances and or commercial coffee machines, your local Rotorua electrician or fridgie will be able to sort the problem at hand in a prompt manner. Philip Smith Electrical & Refrigeration can provide the best guys for the job!

Unbeknownst to some, your local Philip Smith Rotorua electrician can provide a comprehensive range of services that you may not even be aware of. Philip Smith can provide your basic residential and commercial electrical services, including: electrical wiring, electrical repairs, electrical installations, electrical maintenance, new switchboards, new lighting solutions, underfloor heating and appliance repairs. However there are a range of other services that your Philip Smith electricians can provide you with.

Philip Smith are not only your Electricians but are also your go-to-guys for all Refrigeration services, all residential, commercial, marae, farming and rural. When it comes to refrigeration in the home or at work, you can call upon your Philip Smith Refrigeration engineers to visit your property and address any issues that you may be having with your fridge or freezer – perhaps it’s not cooling correctly or it won’t turn on – regardless of what the problem is, their fridge technicians can provide expert fridge repairs for it all, or recommend and advise when its time for a change!

For commercial refrigeration, the Philip Smith electricians and fridgies can custom design and build refrigeration for your property or business – walk in freezers, chillers and cool rooms. Ideal for the food and hospitality industry, home kill and farming industries, custom made refrigeration can save you time and perhaps even money to have a product designed and custom built that suits your specifications.

For the Farm and Agricultural industries Philip Smith Electrical & Refrigeration specialize in Milk Vat Refrigeration, pumps, backing gates and all those jobs around the homestead.

Did you know that Philip Smith's Rotorua electricians and Refrigeration Engineers also specialise in heating and cooling solutions? If you find that you enter your home or office during winter to find that it is just as cold as being outside, it might be time to consider having a heat pump expertly installed in your home. While many people will learn the hard way that do it yourself options just don’t work, you can take the smarter approach and get it done right the first time. By hiring a heat pump specialist – like the guys at Philip Smith Electrical & Refrigeration who are accredited installers, warranty repair specialists, Certified Gas Handlers & Fillers and Sulphur Treatment Specialists you can have complete peace of mind that your heat pump has been  supplied and installed by the best of the best.

When it comes to product selection –whether it be for electrical, refrigeration, heating or cooling purposes or around the farm – you don’t have to spend hours on the internet trying to find the best (and most affordable ) solution – that’s what Philip Smith and his team are there for! With their years of experience in the industry, Philip Smith Electricians and Fridgies have dealt with enough situations and problems to be well aware of what products work the best and what products don’t. Fujitsu heat pumps and ducted systems, lighting, the list goes on!

And don’t forget Sulphur Treatment, Sulpur Dioxide unfortunately one of Rotorua’s biggest problems.
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